Data shows the value of Weydon and Tj collaboration

In a pledge to give young people the tools to improve their mental wellbeing, Weydon School and Tj Power of Neurify hosted a series of workshops for Year 10 students with fantastic results. 
The 4 week course, known as DOSE, looked at each of the four chemicals:
As well as looking at what behaviour causes a drop in these chemicals, they have explored ideas for boosting levels and improving their mental health.
Data was gathered pre and post the workshops and showed the following improvements:
18.9% improvement in concentration
17.9% improvement in motivation
15.6% improvement in discipline 
7.2% improvement in confidence
15.6% improvement in time spent in nature
15.3% improvement in ability to handle stress
Tj commented “I’m really happy that our most significant findings were regarding concentration and motivation as so many young people message me every day about struggling with this”.
Weydon are delighted the data backs up their belief that these workshops are providing young people with both the insight and tools to improve their wellbeing. Both the workshops and well received parent session have been planned for other age groups in the 2023/24 academic year.