Mission Statement

  • To form a lifelong passion for dance
  • To develop a broad overview of Dance at a mastery level which includes performing, choreographing and dance appreciation
  • To experience a wide range of dance styles, genres and cultural influences
  • To develop self-confidence when expressing a creative idea
  • To broaden creativity and imagination when responding to an initial stimulus 
  • To successfully work in a variety of groups demonstrating empathy, patience and inclusiveness

Curriculum Intent

Every child has the ability to move in an expressive way regardless of their previous experience of Dance. The Dance curriculum develops students' technique, physicality and creativity as they explore a range of styles, cultural contexts and practitioners. The Dance curriculum is broad and ambitious, giving the students the opportunities to strive for mastery. At KS4 students explore a number of professional works offering them breadth in social, historical and cultural appreciation in a range of genres and styles. Students also have the opportunity to advance in their technique and performing skills as they engage with challenging movement vocabulary.