Mission Statement

  • To explore the diverse literary world surrounding us
  • To explore the power and impact of the spoken and written word
  • To develop the empathy, skills and confidence to critically engage with a range of fiction and non-fiction texts
  • To ensure reading for pleasure is developed and maintained through stamina and curiosity
  • To explore creativity through writing in its many forms
  • To celebrate language as a means of interacting with the world and its diversity

Mission Intent

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to explore the diverse world around them, through language and the impact of the spoken word. Literature has the power to inspire and challenge perceptions; it enables individuals to develop their own opinions and question the complex world in which they live. At KS3, students study a range of exciting and stimulating texts, allowing them to develop both their knowledge of the written word and the cultural landscape around them. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity through reading, writing, and the spoken word. At KS4, students develop and hone their GCSE skills, studying a diverse range of texts which provide a wealth of opportunity for developed critical analysis and purposeful writing. Creativity and an understanding of the world around us is at the forefront of our curriculum. Our passion is to inspire our students to be confident, assertive and sensitive in both their written and spoken communication and to be skilled, attentive readers. 
Assessment for Year 11 is based upon GCSE criteria. This information can be found through the examination boards.