Mission Statement

  • To have the confidence to apply the physical, vocal and communication skills that they learn to other situations, such as presenting.  
  • To be able to effectively work collaboratively with a variety of people. 
  • To be able to be creative and imaginative. 
  • To develop the self-confidence to express themselves. 
  • To experience a variety of theatrical forms and styles.
  • To nurture empathy and to understand the world from different perspectives. 

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is broad, deep and ambitious, striving for mastery and a passion for the subject. At KS3, the students study a broad range of skills, genres and styles, including ambitious topics that stretch the KS3 students. We truly believe that by the end of Year 8, our students have a wide breadth of drama knowledge and skills. 
Our KS4 curriculum extends beyond the GCSE specification. We teach a wide selection of play scripts, explore them in-depth through a broad range of skills, genres and styles. Within the GCSE assessments, we aim to extend our students beyond the specifications, with challenging choices of play scripts and demand further mastery of skills.
Assessment at KS4 is based upon GCSE criteria. This information can be found through the examination boards.