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An outstanding feature of Weydon School is the amount of lunchtime and after school extra-curricular activities that students can take part in. There is a vast range at Weydon, both sporting & non-sporting. These can change on a termly basis.
There will be a lunchtime fair in the School Hall during the first few weeks of term, promoting and encouraging students to sign up and join the school lunchtime and after school clubs. The students will be advised of when the fair will happen during their morning tutor time.
Please be aware that whilst most clubs are free of charge some PE activities may incur a fee as they are run by external coaches.
A communication directly from PE will be sent out with details of sporting afterschool clubs at the start of each school term. These activities are offered on the understanding that they will only take place provided that there are a suitable number of students interested to make the course viable.
To request to join one of these activities, please make the necessary payment. Please note that due to health and safety requirements and insurance regulations there are limits on the number of students who can take part in some activities. In the event of an activity being over-subscribed, a ballot will be held to decide the places. Refunds will be given to any students that have been unsuccessful in obtaining a place. You should receive a text to confirm successful activities but students should also check allocations displayed in the PE office.
Full details of the clubs and activities timetable will be available on the Learning Platform when your child joins Weydon however, as an example please see the below.