Breck's Last Game

As part of your child’s PSHE offer they will be taking part in a programme endorsed by the Police and Surrey Local Authority. The programme is intended to alert students and parents to the risks of grooming associated with online gaming. Y8 students will take part later this half term and the programme will then be rolled out across the year groups and will become part of the PSHE curriculum offer. 

Breck’s Last Game is a film based on the real-life murder of 14 year-old Breck Bednar in 2014 by Lewis Daynes.

Breck Bedner was a Surrey Schoolboy who was murdered in Essex after being groomed by someone he met through online gaming. His mother, Lorin LaFave has worked with police to develop this film to be part of planned lessons for secondary school children across the county.  The film highlights the risks of grooming to teenage boys and asks the question ‘Do you know who your online friends really are?’

You can download a copy of the presentation, watch Lorin's introduction to the project and also watch the film here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Breck's last game parent presentation

Lorin LaFave's Story

Breck's Last Game Film