D of E Award

Weydon School is a Directly Licensed Centre for The Duke of Edinburgh Award. We have great knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm amongst our staff and parent team.
The Duke of Edinburgh award is famously remembered for the trekking and outdoor weekends but this expedition section is only one part of this valuable experience. To complete the full award, participants have to undertake extended periods of volunteering, take part in regular physical activities and develop their potential in a skill, new or existing.  Only when all sections have been uploaded by independent assessors and ratified by the centre verifier, will the award be completed and celebrations begin.
Students from Years 9, 10 and 11 are involved with the Bronze and Silver Awards. Currently we have enrolled 150 Year 9 students on the Bronze Award and we will also launch the Silver Award to our year 10’s.  We expect about 70 students to take up this opportunity, most but not all, following on from completion of their Bronze Award.  We continue to work with students finishing off sections from earlier enrolment, aiming for at least a 75% completion.  A record number of Weydon Students are continuing with their Gold Award at their sixth form colleges. 
The award is fully managed online and the participants have access to a DofE app to support their regular progress and recording.  There is a lot of support for the participants including training and reference materials to encourage and facilitate autonomous progression, something much valued by DofE, schools, colleges and employers alike.
We hold our annual presentation evening in June, a proud event for participants, parents and leaders alike to celebrate the students’ achievements. To date we have had some inspiring guest speakers to share in the success of our participants.
At Weydon, we would like to thank staff and parents, past and present for all the time they give up to support our participants as assessors, supervisors and trainers. The success and development of the students as they progress through the levels of the award is the motivation for us all.