Parents Booking System



If you have any problems with the booking system please do not telephone the school. Please email giving as much information as possible.

Please note that you may not be able to log in or check details until the booking system opens.
The booking system for the Virtual Progress Day for Years 7 to 10 (to be held on Tuesday 4th Oct 2022) will open at 6.00pm on Thurs 29th Sept and closes for all bookings at 3.00pm on Mon 3rd Oct.
Video Meetings:
If you have booked a video appointment, you will log back into Parents Booking to join your video meeting.
Please check that your device is compatible before the meeting with the 'video settings' button once you have logged in.
The 'Join Video Appointments' button will appear on the Dashboard (the page you see after you login) about 10 minutes before your first appointment is due to start.
An instruction guide can be downloaded here.
Please check that the device that you are using has the correct time.

Getting a Shareable Join Link for others to join meetings:

Sharing meetings 1

On the dashboard of parents login there is a ‘Create Link to Share Meeting(s)’ link which will create a link that can be shared with anyone that needs to join the meetings.

Sharing meetings 2

If you choose to email the appointments to yourselves from the booking schedule page, then the link will also be in the email.

Two parents/carers who want to join separately who are both in the booking system:

ONE parent makes bookings and ticks the 'allow other attendees box'.
Other parents/carers who have a Parents Booking account will also be able to login and join the video meetings you chose to allow them to join. These participants must log in to their own Parents Booking account, on their own device, and will then be able to join you in your video meetings as a separate participant.

Unfortunately, at this time the second attendee will not be able to see a schedule of appointments in advance within the system and so will need to be told this separately. They will get the 'Join Video Appointments' button on their Dashboard about 10 minutes before the appointment.


Please follow the link below to book your appointments: