Weydon Students View Apprenticeships As An Exciting Option

A number of our high achieving students at Weydon visited the National Apprenticeship Show at Sandown Park during National Apprenticeship Week.  The trip was aimed at opening their eyes to the many and varied organisations that offer higher level apprenticeship schemes, including degree level apprenticeships.  The students were able to take part in a variety of workshops and seminars to get a taste of the options on offer.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, claims that ‘apprenticeships play a key role in making sure that people of all ages and backgrounds can fulfil their potential and go as far as their talent and hard work will take them’.  Since 2015 over 1.2 million new apprenticeships have been created and this is an area that is expected to grow in the future.  As such, Weydon is keen to arm its students with the information they need to make informed choices about their futures. 

Exhibitors at the event included BT, Barclays, the armed forces, Schroders Investment Management, Sky, Unilever and Virgin Atlantic Airways.  There were amazing stands offering huge amounts of information about careers within these organisations, their apprenticeship schemes and training opportunities.  The students engaged with a wide range of exhibitors to explore the options that are available to them.

With student debt and the cost of living rising, year-on-year, Weydon students are being encouraged to explore other options to achieve their goals.  One student said it was really exciting to know that you can still get a degree but you can get paid for it too.  It is a ‘win win’ situation for many students.  A parent commented to Alison Molan, the careers co-ordinator at Weydon school, that their son had come home very animated and inspired by the opportunities that are out there for students like him and that he was excited for his future.  This is exactly what the trip was intended to achieve and Weydon is happy to support its students through opportunities such as these.

Mrs Jackie Sharman, Weydon School’s Principal commented: “I’m so glad our students achieved a lot on this day trip – it is vital that all our students obtain the information required to make informed choices for their future and decide on what is right for each of them.”