It ALL ADDS UP at Oxford University For Weydon School Students

It ALL ADDS UP at Oxford University For Weydon School Students


Oxford visit

As part of the dynamic Careers Information and Guidance programme at Weydon School, a group of Year 10 girls attended a series of lectures at the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University.  The day focused on topics including the fluid dynamics of chocolate fountains, Maths in sport and Fermi estimation.  The students volunteered to take part in activities including taking the perfect penalty shot and running at the 2 hour marathon pace. They learnt about a wide range of fascinating theories including how the ‘Coriolis Effect’ of the Earth spinning can displace a golf ball by up to 4cm in one shot.

It was an interactive day, full of challenging questions about maths and the real world.  Using only their own prior knowledge, the students also learnt how to estimate what percentage of the ocean is plastic, and how much water could be saved if everyone in the UK turned the tap off while brushing their teeth.  In addition, they worked in groups to find solutions to some high level mathematical problems. 

It was an opportunity for the girls to see how maths can be used in the real world, and the type of maths they could learn at university.  Hopefully, it will have inspired some of them to consider taking maths at A’ level and further. 


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