Year 11 Trip to Visit a Buddhist Temple

Weydon School Year 11 Students Visit a Buddhist Temple

Year 11 students from Weydon School who are studying Religious Studies, took a trip to the Wat Dhammakaya Buddhist Temple near Woking recently.

The trip was part of their study of Buddhism which is part of the Religious Studies GCSE course.  During the trip, they heard a talk on the beliefs of Buddhism and were lead through a short period of meditation.

The students toured the Buddhist temple and were fortunate to participate in a Q&A session. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions to the monks that live at the temple to find out more about their way of life.

Curriculum Area Leader for Religious Studies, Mr Nick Curry, commented: “The trip was a great success and the student’s behaviour was exemplary. The trip really deepened the students understanding of Buddhist Beliefs. The practical meditation activity was really appreciated by the students.”