Jumping for Joy!

Selected Weydon students were jumping for joy last week with the visit of current British women’s Indoor and Outdoor long jump champion Abigail Irozuru. In the morning Abigail, guest speaker Paul Adlam and Director of Sport Karl Brown, ran a workshop on “Excellence in sport” for approximately thirty students. These students were selected for their own sporting prowess in a range of sports including rugby, netball, football, karate, ice skating, rowing, gymnastics, trampolining and sailing. The students looked at identifying key influences in achieving excellence and heard from Abigail about her path to success and the many hurdles that she had to overcome. This then enabled the students to write out their own action plans to help them to progress further in their chosen sports.
Year 10 PE student leader Alex was most impressed by the morning session, commenting “I thought the session was really thought provoking, and hearing Abigail’s personal story was so inspiring. I have identified several things that I think could help me to further improve my own sports performance”.
In the afternoon a small group of elite long jump performers had the opportunity to attend a long jump master class with Abigail. In this session the students got to experience Abigail’s warm up routine and then completed a number of drills before finally receiving some 1:1 feedback on their technique as they undertook a mini- competition.
Director of Sport Karl Brown said “What an amazing opportunity for our students to be inspired by a current British champion. Abigail was fantastic in the way that she interacted with the students, and the emotive way in which she described her own personal journey was awe inspiring. What a great role model and what a great lady!”