World Toilet Day

Weydon School students have been fundraising for World Toilet Day, and collectively raised £200 for the charity Toilet Twinning (  The charity has been able to build 3 toilets in Zambia and Malawi with this donation. 

This fundraising effort would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the planning, organisation and commitment of the Geography student leaders – Anika Zech and Jake Thompson who together led this initiative. 

The Student Leaders organised the fundraising so that when a student wanted to enter the toilets, they gave a donation for the privilege. It was a unique and fun way to raise money for this charity and to help a great cause.

Mr Ben Bingham, Head of Humanities commented: “This is an amazing achievement and we are very proud of our Student Leaders who made this happen. We would like to thank all students who contributed money to the ‘toilet toll’ over the 3 days and especially to those students who gave up their free time to collect money on the toilet doors.”

If you would like to consider twinning your toilet at home and support the charity further, please visit where more information can be found.

For prospective parents wishing to find out more about the opportunities at Weydon School, come and visit our ‘School In Action’ on Wednesday 25th March.  Please go to the ‘visiting us’ section on our website :