Celebrating Chinese New Year

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Weydon School has recently set up links with two schools in different regions of China. The aim is to organise exchanges with these schools in the future giving students and teachers the opportunity to learn from other successful schools.

For the first time Weydon School celebrated the Chinese New Year in style.  There was a ‘lion dance’ which took place during lunchtime. In conjunction with this, some students participated in the lion dance workshop to give them a greater understanding of the meaning behind the tradition and to actually be able to participate in the dance.

One weydon student played the Chinese flute, called the Dizzy, to staff members during a briefing session.

The day was hailed a success with many students fascinated by the ‘lion dance’ and learning about the Chinese culture.

The co-ordinator of the day, Ms Chloe Meck, Geography Teacher, commented; “It was an inspiring day with lots of activities and information about the Chinese New Year. The students fully participated and learnt a great deal from the events taking place across the school.”

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