Young Geographer of the Year 2018

Weydon School Student Wins the Royal Geographical Society’s

Young Geographer of the Year 2018


Weydon School’s Year 8 student, Pau Ingles-Prats has won the Young Geographer of the Year 2018, run by the Royal Geographical Society.

Reasons why he decided to take part in

He thought it was:

·         Firstly, a great opportunity to Challenge himself

·         Secondly, an opportunity to realise a dream: to be the first student from Weydon to win a “Young Geographer of the Year competition” lead by the Royal Geographical Society.

·         Finally, an opportunity to learn new things about the Arctic and to explore further the Arctic.

 The Process

1.       It started at Weydon where he was inspired to go the extra mile over the summer holidays and where he was benefited from the fascinated topic of the Arctic lesson

2.       He thought outside the box from the very first moment, and was considering doing a replica of the polar bear or the Arctic map on the back of the A3 poster.

3.       In addition, he was inspired from the DT subject with the CAD software (that resource was decided to help him to do the replica of the Arctic map).

4.       To get that information, an email was sent to different organisations to get a cartographic map to develop a more realistic replica of the circumpolar, or the Arctic or the Greenland.  Some examples of that research were:

a.       GRID-Arendal is a Norwegian foundation working closely with the United Nations Environment: Who replied to him encouraging him to complete such an ambitious project. 

5.       Finally, he took several images and worked together with an advanced user of the CAD software to learn how the software works to produce that replica.

6.       The process of the research to develop the poster was a preliminary mind map of what should be done discussed with the teacher before school holidays, followed by a search for information, some notes were made and at the end he wrote the paper.

 Ms Emily Lister, Pau’s Geography teacher said: “Pau’s tremendous hard work, dedication and passion for Geography shone through in his entry for the Young Geographer of the Year competition. He produced an outstanding piece of work which highlighted his creativity and academic abilities. Pau’s enthusiasm to always think outside the box, and go above and beyond was demonstrated with his double-sided posted which included a 3D topographic map of the Arctic. Hearing that he contacted NASA, Australia and Singapore during the design of this was all but surprising. Myself and Weydon are incredibly proud of Pau’s achievement.”

The Royal Geography Society commented on Pau’s entry: “The amazing annotated 3D map went hand in hand with the written information and really heightened the uniqueness of this region. It was clear that a huge amount of time and effort went into this very original entry, but what we particularly liked was that Pau asked himself throughout his entry what he learnt himself. He learnt that the Arctic’s physical geography is found nowhere else on Earth, and the human geography reveals a variety of people whose lives and cultures are also different to those from the rest of the world”.

The official photographs taken on the day can be viewed here: