Weydon students achieve best results ever


Weydon students achieve best results ever’

Year 11 students at Weydon School in Farnham have achieved record breaking results this year, with 88 per cent of students achieving grade 4 or above (or C-A*) in English and Mathematics, despite the exams becoming harder and with more rigorous content.

A staggering 44% of examination papers achieved a 9 to 7 (A*-A).

If the results of the year group as a whole are not celebration enough, there were also some stunning individual achievements, with 35 Weydon students achieving at least a grade 9 with many achieving the majority of grades 9s; a truly incredible accomplishment! To put this in context only 4.3% of students nationally are predicted to attain a grade 9 in one or more of their subjects. The progress made by all students has been truly outstanding.

Reflecting on the success, the new Principal, Jackie Sharman said “It is an absolute privilege to be celebrating these results with our students. The record breaking achievement is testament to the hard work, preparation, enthusiasm and resilience of our students, our staff and supportive partnership with parents. It has not been uncommon to see the students and staff working from dawn until dusk, weekends and beyond whilst balancing this with all of the other great experiences Weydon has to offer! Everyone needs to stand proud and enjoy their incredible achievements and we look forward to seeing our students go on to even greater success in the future like many former Weydon graduates of years gone by”.