Weydon School Year 9s Consider University Options

St Hildas

Year 9 students were pleased to welcome Hannah Rolley from St Hilda’s College, Oxford to speak to them about going to university.  Hannah explained that they were now in an extended period of decision making regarding their futures and gave them an overview of the options before them.  She then focused on applying to university. 

Hannah explained the many advantages of going to university such as, studying their favourite subject, being independent and getting a degree that will increase their employment opportunities and earning potential.  The average starting salary for a graduate in a professional position is £22,855 compared with an average starting salary for a non-graduate at £14,710.  The students learnt that university allows you to develop skills and trains you in areas you enjoy and are good at.  Hopefully this will lead to a job they will enjoy and careers that will be fulfilling.

Students learnt that Oxford University is not the right university for everyone.  It does not offer the range of courses that can be found elsewhere and Hannah explained that students should research the courses they would like to study before deciding on which university to go to.  There are many universities in the UK that offer world class tuition in specialist areas.

Hannah’s advice for anyone wanting to go to an Oxbridge university was to demonstrate their passion for the subject they want to study through their extra-curricular interests and activities.  If you decide that Oxbridge is the route you want to take you will have access to world class academics, resources and facilities and the opportunity to make friends with people from all around the world.  In addition there are numerous extra-curricular opportunities to take advantage of, including sailing, music and chocolate eating clubs.

Finally, Hannah reassured students that money should not be a barrier to higher education.  Hannah explained how the student loan system works and encouraged them to take advantage of this funding.  The tutorial system at Oxford, one-to-one and small group sessions with leading academics are fantastic value for money.  This system of learning costs twice the £9250 tuition fees and is subsidised by the university.  In addition Oxford offers very generous bursaries to assist students with their living expenses.

Careers Co-ordinator, Alison Molan said, “The students can now start planning for their futures armed with the information they need to make good choices that suit their own personal needs and expectations.”