Weydon Students Become Bug Busters For The Day

Weydon’s computing students were given real life scenarios to tackle during a fascinating workshop delivered by the inspirational company Testology.  The students listened to an inspirational talk by Naomi Turner and Sam Coulter who work for the ground-breaking organisation based in Aldershot.  Testology is a QA game testing company with clients ranging from small tech start-ups to Warner Brothers and Walt Disney.  Their aim is to ensure that users get the best experience possible from the games they play.

Sam Coulter and Naomi Turner explained that this is a rapidly growing industry with the income generated from the computer games industry exceeding that made by Hollywood.  For this type of work students need to have a keen eye for detail, good written communication skills and they need to be team players.  This type of work can be done by anyone at any age and they often find that people later in life are turning to this work as they change careers. 

After the talk, the students were set the task of finding as many bugs as possible in a computer game.  The students rose to the challenge and became very competitive with each other.  At the end of the session the winners were announced.  Aimee Skinner won the competition and was given a £20 Wagamama voucher with Juan Guerrero, Luke Patten and Charlotte Hone being runners up and won large Easter eggs.

Mrs Mason, Head of Computing at Weydon School, was very pleased to welcome Testology into the classroom.  She said ‘It is great for our students to get real life experiences of computing in the workplace.  We are very grateful to Testology for the support they are offering our students and hope to work closely with them in the future’.  The students had a great afternoon and one student said excitedly ‘I didn’t know this career existed.  It is a life-changing experience’.  Many students said that they were interested in finding out more about the course Testology offers.

Amongst other services, Testology offers full functioning games testing of PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSN, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, Wii U, PC, Steam, Browser, Facebook, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon.  Their experienced compliance team is available to provide support for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo requirements.  They have also developed an excitingly representative device lab for iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phones. In total, they have over 280 devices on ranging OS versions. Testology are unique in offering training for aspiring games testers.  From their QA Academy in Aldershot, students are given the opportunity to study for the industry’s first ever certificate in games testing. The academy is the educational arm of Testology, a QA company that has been at the forefront of the video games industry for more than a decade. The course is accredited by AIM and is set to become the testing stamp of approval for the industry.