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Weydon School History Students Commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day

Last month, 29 Year 9 GCSE History students had the opportunity to attend a spoken word workshop at the University of Surrey. The day was organised to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. During the day the students looked into causes and examples of discrimination and bullying throughout history which included listening to a recollection of events during the Holocaust by a survivor.

The students were joined during the day by a number of student ambassadors from Surrey University who supported them through the day. Following a tour of the site they were then asked to create their own spoken word poems about any aspect of or example of discrimination or bullying that they have learnt about, witnessed or perhaps even experienced in their lives. Year 9 Castle Progress and Achievement Leader, and History teacher, Laura Butler, was incredibly proud of the quality of work produced during the day. “To be able to see and hear every student respond in a different way and focus on a different aspect was really something. The level of thought and reflection on what they had learnt and experienced was demonstrated in the absolutely amazing final pieces that they produced and performed.”

Below is an example of a spoken word poem produced on the Holocaust itself by Weydon Student, Oliver Padgham.     


The Holocaust

By Oliver Padgham 

How can discrimination have so much power in such a big nation?

In history this was their darkest hour?
Hope fell like a dying flower
They were tricked;
Not knowing the end was at the tip of a shower.

Kicked out of their homes, with little place to go.
Segregation stared them right in the face
The children were scared but wasn’t everyone?
No one cared. The world wasn’t fair.

Years went by, there was nothing new
Germans deciding who or who not was a Jew
By the looks they were born with
These were people just like you, just like us
But to them they were nothing.

Yet people still strive today to be equal, to be accepted.
Today equality thrives; no one should be deprived of it.
No one should dislike who they are because of what they are told, or what they have heard.
Every single one of us are human, the same on the inside.
Discrimination is old, equality is now, let’s push for it.