Miss Dalrymple returns to Weydon In Its 60th year!

Mrs Cotterill (nee Miss Dalrymple) was one of the first English teachers recruited by Weydon School in 1957. On Monday 5th March, Mrs Cotterill returned to Weydon School.  Principal of Weydon, Mrs Jackie Sharman, took Mrs Cotterill on a tour of the school to view the new facilities and see all the changes since she had taught in the school.

Mrs Cotterill said ‘I was amazed by the extent of it and really excited about how beautiful it all is. I was so impressed by all the classrooms and facilities. It was wonderful to see ‘Weydon at work’ alive with busy, purposeful young people in a happy atmosphere. You certainly have a school to be proud of’

During Mrs Cotterill’s visit she was able to view students hard at work, observe teachers in full flow during lessons and she got the chance to meet some of the school’s current students.

Mrs Sharman, Weydon School’s Principal said ‘It was a pleasure to take Mrs Cotterill around Weydon and lovely to see the excitement and enthusiasm of discussion between her and our interested students. It was a real honour to show the delightful Miss Dalrymple around’